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Wet Basement Walls and Floors can lead to foundation structural issues.

Don’t think that you can just let the walls and floors of your basement stay wet without any consequences.

Leaking basement walls are going to cause so many problems for your home. If you have walls that are leaking, you’re going to have to get them fixed. You can’t just come at the problem with cleanup because the source of the problem needs to be addressed. There are actually many different things you can do. Yet you need the cause of the water problem diagnosed, and you need to fully address the repairs.

Anything less than that isn’t going to last in terms of resolving the problem. So make sure that you fully address the situation, whether you do so yourself or have someone else do the work. And by address the situation, I mean you must fix the problem before you start making cosmetic repairs.

One thing you need to do is get the excess humidity out of your basement one way or the other. Are the dryer vents leaking? Perhaps you need a vent fan for your basement. Some people even use dehumidifiers in their basements so that they can eliminate the extra moisture and humidity. What extra steps do you need to take?

One thing you can also do that will help is to insulate pipes. This is not only helpful but an inexpensive step you can take to get rid of the condensation and extra moisture that is causing problems. You can also work on insulating those walls, just like you keep the walls of your home insulated. Did you know that?

Leaking basement walls can certainly cause you problems. You want to keep that from happening. One thing you don’t want is mold and mildew growing in your basement. You are going to need to get down there and address the moisture issues you’re having with your basement walls. If you need help, it’s a phone call away. Call or text Shawn Feltch at 717.368.3653 for a free inspection and estimate.

Wet Basement Walls Solved With French Drainage