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Is Your Basement Floor Wet After Rain?

Is your West Chester, PA basement floor wet after rain? No doubt it is causing you more than a little concern and rightly so. The good thing is that you have landed on this page and we are going to tell you exactly what you need to do to save yourself a lot of heartaches.

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Step 1 – Understand Why It Happens

A basement floor wet after rain means that there is a leak somewhere that is causing the damage. Often this leak is caused by pressure created by the water in the soil that surrounds the foundation. This can happen in one of two ways. Allow us to explain

Hydrostatic Pressure

Let’s say there is a spell of very heavy rain, all the soil gets really saturated and can end up pushing moisture through the floor and walls of the basement. You see this as a wet basement floor after a heavy downpour.

Lateral Pressure

Soil that is looser around the foundation will absorb more water. Often, rainwater clogs up areas around the house such as gutters and downspouts, and the water is then discharged right by the foundation.

As the soil expands due to the water absorption it causes sideways pressure (lateral). The result of this can be damage to the foundation of the home and leaks in the basement.

Step 2 – Understand What You Need To Do

Don’t worry, even though the water in your basement after it rains can feel like a stressful issue, it can be reaired when left to the experts. Some of the solutions they may employ include installing an interior waterproofing system, repairing window wells. cleaning gutters and improving trading. The best solution for your home will depend on why you are experiencing the leak.

If your basement floor is wet after rain it is time to call in the professionals and let them identify the problem and employ the best solution. When your West Chester Floor is Wet after it rains it’s time to call or text Feltch General Contracting at 717.368.3653 for a free inspection and estimate