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Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home

You choose to build your home in Maytown, PA because it’s a lovely little town near Lancaster, PA. Did you consider the benefits of waterproofing the basement? Every year, only 28% of houses being constructed are subjected to waterproofing. Homeowners and building managers would find themselves calculating the possible expenses of having their property sealed from water intrusions. There are numerous reasons why you should consider spending the extra money required for a good waterproofing system. French Drains are one example of an effective waterproofing installation.

• Protecting your investment

Your home is not only where your heart is, it is your investment. Protecting your investment means you have to guard it against destruction. Waterproofing would also increase the value of your home and property if you are planning to sell.

It is very unlikely for homebuyers to have to deal with a basement that will attract molds and mildew on the floors and water stains on the floor. And if you are planning to sell your house, Real Estate Agents would still suggest that you fix the leaking before they put the property on sale. It is just a sad feeling that you will be fixing your basement for somebody else.

• A safer foundation

Exposure to weather conditions like heavy rain and sunlight could cause structural problems. If you have a wooded deck and it is not properly waterproofed, you would notice discoloration, water stains, rotting, and fungi growth. Walls not properly sealed from groundwater will give in hydrostatic pressure creating cracks and leaks on walls and floors.

• Increased residential space

About 30 to 50% of your home’s area in the basement. By making sure your basement is properly waterproofed, you could maximize the space for storing important materials and furniture without getting worried about the items getting wet. Converting an existing space is definitely more affordable than adding another room to your home.

• Healthier environment

Humidity and moisture are what molds and mildew want. Mold and mildew could cause respiratory problems like asthma and also trigger allergic reactions. There is no way to remove these fungi’s spores inside the house, the only thing that could remove such growth would be to control moisture.

Molds do not only grow on walls or areas where there are moisture issues. It could grow on anything like wood, carpet, and even food. By reducing humidity, preventing condensation and water seepage, mold and mildew growth could be decreased.

• Eliminate insect growth

There are various kinds of insects, water bugs, cockroaches, beetles, and critters that find heaven in damp areas. Wet basements are ideal for wood boring insects like termites to reproduce. These insects could cause damage not only to the foundation but also to important things stored in the room.

• Peace of mind

You will feel more at ease about leaving your home for a few days of vacation. You do not have to worry about returning to a flooded basement. Sacrifice a good night’s sleep because of fear of the arriving heavy rains.

Waterproofing could be expensive, especially if you are looking at years of structural deterioration. But quality and safety should never be sacrificed because of cost. Homeowners would eventually find out that not sealing the foundation of your home could save them money in the long run and at the same time enjoy their homes to the fullest. Feltch General Contracting provides affordable basement waterproofing and is a locally owned Central Pennsylvania contractor. Call or text us today for a free inspection and estimate at 717.368.3653.