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Why does my Bainbridge PA basement leak?

One of the many reasons why your Bainbridge PA basement leaks. But one of the most common reasons may be that your downspouts from your gutters or the gutters themselves may be the culprit. Most homeowners don’t make sure that the downspouts are draining far enough away from your foundation.

This can lead to the soil around your home becoming too saturated to hold any more water and the hydrostatic pressure that builds up causing the water to want to find somewhere to go. And if you have weak points the water will find them and seep through them. If you have windows that are not sealed properly the water can also find its way into your basement. 

Do I need to waterproof my basement?

You may think there is no need for any waterproofing of your basement. This is because you may not encounter any problems during the hot, scorching, and dry summer months. But certainly, when the rainy season starts, you could expect to start noticing problems in your non-waterproof basement.

To begin with, basement waterproofing is not commonly required in new homes as modern design and construction could already have addressed waterproofing issues already. However, if your home is older (or if it was constructed during or before the 1970s), you would surely have more problems. This is because older design and construction techniques are less effective and less efficient.

Will I have to waterproof my basement in the future?

You have to remember that it is not only your home construction that is at fault. Through the years, water protection systems of homes could break down and tend to be less efficient. Wear and tear naturally happen over the years. Thus, the older your house is, the more it would be at risk. You may already start noticing that your own basement is always getting wet. Be warned that if you decide to leave the problem that way, it would inevitably get worse. It is always best to have the problem instantly fixed long before any serious problem arises.

Can I wait to fix the issue?

Why is there a need to immediately fix any wet basement problem? Initially, the problem of wetness may cause just a slight odor. Certainly, there is not much to worry about. However, as the problem progresses, there would be a formation of mildew so that any furniture in the basement would instantly and quickly be damaged. As always, a damp environment decays very quickly.

If there is anyone in your household who is suffering from asthma, the damp environment in the basement would eventually pose threats to that person. Wetness or dampness in the basement could lead to breathing difficulties, especially asthma sufferers.

What are some of the other problems that wet basement walls and floors cause?

Finally, dampness in your basement could serve as an instant attraction for pests. You would not only have a very wet, damaged, and smelly basement. You would soon have a logical and major pest problem, which of course you would surely dislike.

Basement flooding could also indicate the presence of a serious problem about the reliability and safety of your home’s foundation. Water accumulation inside the basement could herald water seepage through the walls due to cracks. If such cracks are unaided and if they keep on multiplying or enlarging, there would surely be structural problems in your building’s foundation.

Needless to say, waterproofing your basement is very important. It is necessary for preventing serious problems that may go out of hand if left unresolved. If you find any unlikely moisture or dampness in that area especially during rainy days, it would be appropriate to immediately determine the possible causes of the problem. If you would fail to soon address the issue, you would have a harder time fixing the mess in the future.

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